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Athera Healthcare tech rebrand signals new growth phase  

Aliter Capital has confirmed the rebranding of the integrated healthcare technology platform business in its Aliter Capital II fund.

Previously known as Halcyon, the group is now Athera Healthcare, with a focus on combining the best technologies and people, to empower healthcare organisations to drive progress, improve operational efficiency and advance patient care. 


Aliter continues to work closely with Athera Healthcare’s management team to support further organic growth and expansion through the acquisition of additional, complementary businesses.

  There are two existing businesses in the group; Net Solving, a clinical data analysis platform, acquired in 2022 and Fingerprint Medical, a surgical instrument track and trace software provider, acquired in 2023.


Now, under the new Athera Healthcare brand, Net Solving will become Athera Insights and FingerPrint Medical will take the identity of Athera FingerPrint. 


The rebrand unites the two operations and is central to Athera Healthcare’s strategic vision to advance patient care, by investing in innovation and acquiring new technologies. This will provide customers with interoperable systems which serve up vital health insights. 

Gordon Cooper, CEO, Athera Healthcare, said: “Our plan is to provide an ever-evolving suite of digital solutions through investment and acquisition which help the healthcare industry progress through the power of health insights. As well as representing a new chapter for us as a group, this rebrand signals our ambition to grow through further acquisitions – particularly within the field of data insights for the benefit of population health.”

Greig Brown, partner, Aliter Capital said, “This rebrand is a vital step towards realising our vision for the business and we are very excited about the future prospects for Athera Healthcare, with some very attractive opportunities already in the pipeline.”

Athera Healthcare’s customers include 26 NHS trusts, the Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Network and many of the industry’s Royal Colleges including Paediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetists, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, and Psychiatrists – to solve complex challenges and spark real, industry-wide change through the power of data-driven insights and innovation. 


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