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Aliter Capital Celebrates Internal Promotions for the Investment Team

Aliter Capital is delighted to announce the promotions of Claudia Beveridge, Alex Noel and James Davies. Claudia, Alex and James all started with Aliter Capital in 2017 and have been instrumental in the execution of eight transactions over the last two years.

Claudia Beveridge coordinates Aliter’s legal approach across all transactions, providing legal diligence, support and ongoing legal advice to the fund and its portfolio companies. Claudia is also the Compliance Officer for Aliter Capital. Claudia is now Head of Legal.

Alex Noel and James Davies have worked at Aliter since mid-2017. They have both successfully closed transactions across all of the portfolio businesses and developed strong working relationships with the portfolio management teams. They are actively engaged across all aspects of Aliter’s business. Alex is promoted to Investment Manager and James is promoted to Investment Director.

Andrew Busby, Partner at Aliter Capital said “I would like to congratulate Claudia, Alex and James on their promotions. These promotions recognise that they have become an integral part of the team, brought additional skills and expertise to the firm and been actively involved in our successes over the last two years.”

Aliter Capital announced the close of its specialist support services fund (Aliter Capital I, LP) in February 2017. Founded by a group of seasoned support services entrepreneurs and investors – Billy Allan, Greig Brown, Andy Galloway and Andrew Busby – it is one of the first funds of its kind and focuses on small and mid-sized businesses in the UK support services sector, a market valued at over £300 billion. Its approach differs from traditional private equity models by making only a limited number of selective portfolio investments to deliver dedicated hands-on support. Aliter Capital is based in London and Glasgow and has closed eight transactions in the last two years.

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