We finished raising our first fund – Aliter Capital I – in February 2017. This put nearly £100m at our disposal for equity investments in UK support services companies.

There are not many funds like ours around – we are focused on small and mid-sized businesses in the UK support services sector, a market now valued at over £300 billion.

Our approach is quite different from traditional private equity models. In order to ensure that we can deliver dedicated and valuable support to the management teams, we will only make a limited number of investments.

We are backed by a consortium of US and European institutions including pension funds, insurance companies, universities and foundations. And our founding partners have also made a significant financial commitment to the fund.

It was different doing the deal with Aliter. The diligence process was sensible and they moved fast to put the deal and the money in place quickly.”
Stephen Bruce, Joint-Owner, Complete Asset Life Management Group