Finding a
different way.

Billy Allan, Greig Brown and Andy Galloway cut their business teeth as electrical engineers at E.J Stiell.

In 1995, Billy led a management buy-out and, after a period of spectacular growth and transformation, the business was sold to Alfred McAlpine plc in 2002.

Subsequently, Billy, Greig and Andy came together with private equity specialist Andy Busby to invest in and grow Europa Support Services in 2008.  Following the successful sale of Europa, alongside a number of successful private-equity-backed deals in facilities management, logistics and laboratory services, the foursome came together to use their industry and finance backgrounds to create a different kind of private equity firm.

They formed Aliter and, in early 2017, launched their maiden fund.

I knew I needed an experienced partner to help take my business forward. I looked at a number of options, but the business experience and down-to-earth nature of the Aliter team sealed it for me.”
Jamie Delaney, Executive Director, Ingen Technical Services