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Temple Grange Partners TGP


We made our investment in Temple Grange Partners with the goal to create a leading UK-based financial crime and compliance (“FCC”) practice.


Temple Grange Partners, founded in 2017 by Eoin O’Shea and other senior industry professionals, is a practitioner-centred global regulatory risk and compliance consultancy based in London, providing services to the Financial Services sector. Prior to Temple Grange Partners, Eoin held several senior positions at Credit Suisse, including and most recently Global Head of Central Compliance based in New York. The TGP team of senior professionals brings decades of top tier practitioner experience to its global clients.


How we've helped

In August 2020, we backed Temple Grange Partners to support its organic growth and in close partnership with Aliter’s existing portfolio company Sponge, create differentiated eLearning content designed specifically for the Financial Services market.



Aliter will utilise established networks and expertise to support organic growth and growth through the acquisition of additional, complementary businesses.

Key facts
Sub sector:
Financial crime & compliance consulting

Temple Grange Partners (TGP)

Date of initial investment: August 2022

£1 million

Number of employees:


Temple Grange Partners

Growth objective:
to build a successful FCC practice that offers differentiated consulting services and elearning content.

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