Responsilble investing

Our commitment to the ESG agenda


Aliter recognises that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) matters can have significant impact on private equity investments.  ESG is integral in both Aliter and our portfolio companies’ operations and is vital in ensuring the long-term creation of value in our portfolio companies.  ESG is embedded into the lifecycle of our investments, from origination through to ultimate exit. We believe that in the long term we develop more professional and sophisticated businesses with stronger governance, more efficient operations and enhanced profitability making our portfolio companies more desirable to purchasers at the time of our ultimate exit.


Building more resilient businesses through responsible investing benefits all stakeholders, from our colleagues and investors, to our customers and suppliers as well as the wider communities and environment in which our portfolio companies operate.


As part of our responsible investment approach, we take an active interest in how our portfolio companies manage ESG issues. We have agreed a set of Aliter ESG metrics that each portfolio company will report on annually.


Our full ESG policy can be found here.